Megan is the lead photographer for Megan Hauk Photography, which focuses primarily on dance and movement photography. Megan is a Seattle native who has had a lifetime love of photography and filmmaking. Her passion for photography really started taking off when she studied film photography and darkroom development; specifically loving the technical and scientific aspects of the process. Though currently shooting exclusively digital, skills acquired and fostered during these years are what gave Megan the foundation for all of her photography today. 


Why DANCE photography?? Megan started her dance training at the age of 3. In 2013 she earned her BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts. To date she has performed with local Seattle dance companies, choreographed for a wide variety of styles and skill levels, has had nearly 10 years teaching experience and several years of dance studio management. Megan has chosen this path as a professional photographer to continue to be a supporter and active member of the dance community which she loves so much! 

“I have been lucky to have photography follow me throughout my life starting as a young child having access to DSLR, film, and video cameras. In 2016 I was even luckier to have my partner tell me that I could make a career out of my passion for photography. When I discovered the niche that is dance photography I was sold! I am so grateful for each chance I get to work with dancers of all ages and I can’t wait to see where this journey will take me.” -Megan



Husband and wife team Lars and Megan have been creating together for many many years. As well as administrative needs, Lars is on most shoots acting as an assistant or second shooter. Working behind the scenes to manage and coordinate shoots, he will be the one you hear from when you book with us! 


Though not a dancer himself, Lars is a vocal performing artist and been singing in choirs since he was in kindergarten. Growing up in the world of performing arts, he shares and understands the commitment and dedication that goes into honing one's craft. 


“I have been watching and appreciating dance ever since Megan and I have been together. Over the years I have seen many shows and many styles of dance and have grown to appreciate the hard work that goes into the art form. At the end of the day supporting Megan’s passion for dance and dance photography is really import to me.” 


Lars is also a video producer and director. Together Megan and Lars form the team behind HMMM Productions. HMMM Productions was started in 2016 and served as a catch all for multiple photography and videography needs. To better tailor to their client’s needs, HMMM Productions has remained to provide creative video services to corporations and nonprofits, and Megan Hauk Photography was formed to specifically serve the dance community with quality photography. 


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Seattle, WA